What We Do

The Youth Café

Open Monday evenings 7.00 to 9.00 pm for young people aged 11 – 16 years. Leader in Charge – Dave Rollins and female staff from Youth Cafe supported by Colin Veysey.

Room for more young people

Junior Leaders

Young People, 14+ years, who volunteer to work with PYCAG, are welcome to be part of the Youth Café.  They are supported and encouraged by the adult staff and can access youth work training organized by Action4Youth Logo

As a Junior Leader, what do you do?

“I help out with the general running of the Club …..and help the kids”
“I enjoy …. playing games with the children …..so they have something to do”
– Liam, Emma & Sonia , Junior Leaders 2015

How do the youngsters benefit from coming to Club and your involvement with them?

“It keeps them out of trouble and gives them a role model to look up to. They learn new skills “
“It keeps them off the streets and makes them meet new
– Emma & Liam, Junior Leaders – 2015

What do you enjoy most about being a Junior Leader for PYCAG?

“Seeing the kids having fun somewhere where they can escape home problems”
“Its fun helping out ….. meeting new people”
“its satisfying and has given me a sense of achievement”
“It feels like you are grown up ……I have gained in confidence”
– Emma, Liam & Sean, Junior Leaders – 2015

 The Youth Café does a variety of different activities both in and away from the Centre. The kids that come to the Centre do influence what we do because we ask them them what they’d like to do.  Each week we try to do something different and the older members are encouraged to get involved in the planning stages.


Thursday Club – unfortunately unable to re-open on 12 Jan 2017 – if things change during the year we’ll update this page.
 I like my Youth Club ‘cos …..

Go-karting Party Summer '14“I can be myself”
” I can get sweets and do painting”

“I like that you can play the Nintendo, Wii and play football”
“you get to see your friends and do fun crafty stuff ……sweets and I’ve met lots of new friends”
“I love it because it has fun people and enjoyable activities”

 The Youth Café

Please note – the Cafe is open Monday evenings 7.00 – 9.00pm. 

What’s on offer?

– Pool & table tennis
– Free Wifi- Film Nites
– Trips and Events
– Food & drink – some of it free
– Friendly staff
– Music
– Xbox/Playstation
– Laptops

  • Why should I come to the Youth Café?

“……’Cos it’s something to do and meet new people. I can get out of the house”
“……I come to do great and fun activities and trips out”
“……to socialise and make new friends. The volunteer helpers are very friendly – they welcome you like a member of the family. In the summer we go outside to play in the park., doing sports and fun activities. In the winter we normally stay in and socialise , watch a film and have a lot of fun. …….I constantly look forward to it.”

 You are missing a lot! Come and find out for yourself.

What are you waiting for? It is time to lead the change. Drop in during one of our sessions and contact one of the leaders for more information or simply contact us using the form to send an email.

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