Volunteer Testimonials

On this page you will find Testimonials from members of PYCAG staff: why do they do it? what do they get from it?

David wrote

“In 1996 I met with a group of young people on Prestwood Common. At the time, I was employed by Buckinghamshire County Council as an area youth worker and, as such, I asked them what they felt was needed in Prestwood. Very quickly the answer came back ‘A Youth Club – somewhere for us to go’ . I replied that they could have their youth club if they helped me canvass for one.”

“Meetings in the village hall confirmed that there was community support for the idea and the PYCAG Project was born. A joint steering group of  young people and adults set about raising the necessary funding, finding a site and convincing Council Members of the project’s viability. On July 18th 1997 (my birthday) Prestwood Youth & Community Centre was opened on a site leased to us by the Parish Council on the Common.”

“I’ve been with the Centre ever since its opening: firstly as its first paid youth worker and then, when I was made redundant, as a volunteer youth worker and a Management Committee member. Nearly eighteen years on I’m still a committed member of PYCAG.”

Why, I hear you ask, you don’t even live in Prestwood?

“Beyond ‘ Its my baby!’,  it’s not an easy one to answer as it has many elements including enjoyment, satisfaction, service and not wanting to let those people  of 1996 down. It’s not just seeing young people enjoying themselves. It’s giving them the opportunity to try something different, something more challenging.  I get a kick out of being with people committed to helping youngsters and young people go that extra mile towards fulfilling their potential. ( see what Gyles or Hallum wrote for example) That’s what it’s all about”

David Lyddiatt
Voluntary Youth Worker & PYCAG Chairman  [David retired in 2015]

 What do you gain personally from your involvement?

“Satisfaction and a sense of achievement”
“I feel I have gained more confidence since I’ve been involved” – Ryan 2014
“Engagement with young people and the community”
Being part of a happy friendly group”
“A community – I love it” – Hannah 214
“Working with everyone – learning new things and getting to know the children” – Debbie 2014



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