Why we volunteer to work with young people at PYCAG and what we get from it.

Gyles wrote:

“I do it (work at Thursday Club) because it’s a lot of fun. I enjoy it and its good to meet new people and make new friends. What do I do? I help out doing the register, tuck, supervising activities – generally helping outwith anything that needs help”

Gyles – Junior Leader 2015

Why do I do it?

“Because I enjoy it. We have good fun” – Ryan, Adult Leader  2014
“I enjoy seeing the children’s ideas being turned into reality……It gives them a voice and being inspired to achieve more”
“Why not try to help young people not make my mistakes” – Hannah, Adult Leader 2014

How do you think the young people benefit from coming to Club and your involvement with them?

“It gets them out of doors. There’s plenty for them to do at the Centre” – Ryan 2014
“They can meet with their friends, chill, let off steam and have fun” – Simone, Adult Leader  2015
“They are valued as individuals and are encouraged with their skills”
“A Sense of belonging ……a sense of worth” – Hannah 2014

Debbie wrote:

“I love youth club – its fun seeing the kids enjoying themselves, meeting new members and the parents are great. Its nice seeing the volunteers working together making sure all the kids are having fun”

Leader-in-Charge Thursday Club 2014

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Club?

“The Team work [and] the fun had by all” – Ryan 2014
“Hearing that [some of the ] things I have said have positively influenced the kids” – Hannah 2014
” Seeing the children having fun [and them] meeting new challenges” – Debbie 2014

 What’s it like being a volunteer at PYCAG?

“Its tiring but very rewarding. I’ve had so many opportunities opened to me” – Ryan 2014
“[Can be] quite frustrating- with times of enjoyment when the youngsters really start to work together”
“Good fun, exhausting, challenging” – Simone 2015
“Great fun. Always learn new things within the Club” – Debbie 2014

What do you gain personally from your involvement with PYCAG?
 Hallum wrote:

“When I was a kid and was going to youth club I thought it’s going to be fun hanging with friends and eat and I was right.”

“So I trained to become a junior leader for the Thursday groups. I wanted to become a helper as I like working with kids and it got me doing something and not just coming in from school and watching TV and going on my phone.”

“The things I do at youth club is the register and I like doing this because I get to know the kids better and get a head start on learning their names and get to know the parents too. Also, I help with the activities that we do each night. Plus I give good ideas at (staff) meetings for what the kids will enjoy doing at …… club. The main one is looking after the kids but mainly they look after me a lot.”

“I know that I am doing really well as at November’s AGM I won the PYCAG ‘Young Person of the Year Award’ ……that made me really happy ….. it showed how much I had put into the youth club …… Then I was nominated for two [Chiltern District Council] Awards. Then it came to a point when I was given a set of keys to the Centre. All this made me feel that I am a good helper and work well with the kids …… I  put in 100% to being a helper at youth club.”  2014

Young Person of the Year 2013 - Hallum Payne
Young Person of the Year 2013 – Hallum Payne

“I really enjoy working at youth club as it has made me a better person and made me bring out good ideas. All the staff are really friendly towards me and bring out the best of me.”

“To see where I have come from being a kid who goes to youth club and now working there; getting awards and keys to the place is just amazing. …… I couldn’t have done it without all the staff and my family supporting me all the way”

Hallum – Junior Leader
Joined the Junior Club in 2010

What do you gain personally from your involvement?

“Satisfaction and a sense of achievement”
“I feel I have gained more confidence since I’ve been involved” – Ryan 2014
“Engagement with young people and the community”
Being part of a happy friendly group”
“A community – I love it” – Hannah  2014
“Working with everyone – learning new things and getting to know the children” – Debbie  2014


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