Our Vision

PYCAG will provide:

  • a warm, clean & safe environment that welcomes and respects all young people;
  • approachable staff who are fair and supportive;
  • a code of conduct that young people have been involved in drawing up.
  • a place where young people have a sense of ownership; giving young people the opportunity to do interesting, exciting and challenging activities that, on the way, enhance their personal individual growth.
  • access to information, sound advice or counselling on a range of personal matters including health issues including drug & alcohol abuse, sexual relationships, work, housing etc.
  • a worthwhile project that embraces young people as valuable members of the community.

PYCAG’s Philosophy and Purpose

By setting out to provide an enjoyable, creative stimulating and supportive environment, PYCAG invites young people of Prestwood to enter into a voluntary contract with its staff; a contract that sets out to encourage them to engage with each other through its programme.

As young people move through the organisation, PYCAG sets out to empower them by helping them to move from being directed by others to self direction; from being without responsibility to exercising more responsibility; and ultimately, move from having a lack of power over their lives to becoming empowered.

PYCAG promotes diversity & equality and challenges stereotypes and tackles discriminatory attitudes. Intimidation is not tolerated on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, class or disability

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